355. Podcasting, Representation, and Romance: A Conversation with Rudi Bremer and Kat Mayo

Kat Mayo and Rudi Bremer are the team behind the BookThingo podcast, an Australian podcast about romance fiction. As you might imagine, I’m a fan – and I’ve known Rudi and Kat for a long time. Our conversation meanders all over the place, and we discuss:

  • Podcasting, the process, and learning how to get the show done
  • What podcasting and the podcasting community is like in Australia
  • Kat’s recent trip to Manila and her episodes with the #RomanceClass authors
  • Reading books that reflect the experience of living between two cultures
  • Representing and discussing nuance in Indigenous Australian writing – and the overwhelming Whiteness of Rural Australian romance

We also take a deep dive into kinship rules in different cultures and communities, and how the concept could provide conflict and setting for an entire raft of romance novels. And of course, we have recommendations.

Stay tuned after the show for a special audiobook sample of The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez, brought to you by our sponsor, Hachette Audio! Thanks, y’all! 

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Here are the books we discuss in this podcast:

So Many Links!

You can find Kat Mayo and Rudi Bremer and the Bookthingo Podcast at Bookthingo.com.au. You can find Kat on Twitter @BookThingo, and you can find Rudi Bremer at @rudi_bee.

If Rudi’s name sounds familiar, it may be because she designed the most excellent romance novel shoes, which I have seen in person, and they are glorious.

Rudi covered a pair of platform heels with tiny color pictures of romance fiction, and added a band of pink sparkle to the platform and heel. They're probably five inch heels and they are spectacular.
Rudi’s Sole of the Romantic shoes.

Rudi is Gamilaroi, which is also at times written as Kamilaroi. She also mentioned the Wiradjuri.

We discussed Kinship systems, and how kinship works in some Aboriginal communities. Need some links?

You might have noticed Rudi uses “blackfella,” a term particular to Aboriginal English. More about the term, and appropriate Indigenous terminology in Australia can be found on this PDF on Appropriate Terminology, Indigenous Australian Peoples.

We also mentioned a ton of podcasts:

Kat was also a guest on the podcast before: Episode 104. Another Interview with Kat Mayo.

And finally, this episode is dedicated to the memory of Orville, Feline Executive Sound Engineer Extraordinare. I’ll miss you, buddy. See you again someday.

Click for gratuitous Orville snooze pictures.

Orville, asleep on my desk above my keyboard, with his paws curled under his chest

Orville, asleep on my desk, with my computer, water, sound box, and microphone plugged in and his tail covering my keyboard


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After years of debilitating periods and fibroids, Kristen has decided that a hysterectomy is the only way to improve her quality of life, but when Josh shares his dream of having a big family, Kristen is convinced that she has no other choice but to keep him in the “friend zone.”

The Friend Zone is the perfect summer romance that also honors women’s health challenges and the wide-ranging emotions (and pain) that comes along with them, while reminding us that regardless of what society expects from women, all of us deserve love.

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