363. Seeing People In Front of Your Eyeballs: Aarya, Amanda, and Sarah at RWA 2019

On Friday, July 26, at RWA Nationals in New York, Aarya, Amanda and I sat down to talk about the conference thus far. This was my 11th RWA, and Amanda and Aarya’s first, so I was very curious about their impressions. We talk about meeting online friends, the fangirl moments we experience during the conference, and how much we hate those elevators.

We’ve got ghost stories, toilet stories, and key questions. Such as, “What’s on a romance reader’s bucket list? What is it with cats and the corners of laptops? And what were Amanda and I reading at RWA, and on the train home?”

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You can find both Amanda and Aarya at Smart Bitches. Amanda is on Twitter @_ImAnAdult and Aarya is @Aarya_Marsden.

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Or is he? The Muffs set out to find the truth, damn the consequences. International intrigue combines with friendship, literary pursuits, some vibrator shopping and lots of home cooking, all wrapped up in one smart, sexy novel that’s just this side of scandalous.

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Geordie knows if Akira ever discovers he’s the Duke of Gordon, both her life and his will be forfeit in a heartbeat. The only way to keep the lass safe with his enemies on the hunt is to ensure she’s by his side day and night. But the longer he’s with her, the harder it becomes to think of letting her go. Despite their differences in class, despite the danger, he will face death itself to make her his.

This historical romance won an RT Reviewers’ Choice Award – and James Patterson recommended it on Twitter by asking, “Looking for a romance with the same intensity as a thriller?”

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