365. Sunrise, Sunset, and Behind the Scenes in Publishing: Hanging out with Abby Zidle

Abby Zidle and I had a candid chat at RWA in July, and we talked about everything. Abby is Associate Director of Marketing for Gallery Books, and is also a Senior Editor, as she worked in editorial for many many years. We talk about what’s changing in publishing and what’s changed over her career – from the process of writing and selling a book to the places you find that book in a store, or not.

What’s up with mass market? Trade? What does she love most about working in romance publishing. We are taking a 35,000-foot view here, and there’s a lot to discuss.

My favorite moment: “Your books and your life are so intertwined.”

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Sarah launches a plan to save her house while building a baking goods empire, and before too long, things start looking up—her cookies are a hit, Nathaniel’s Ls are improving and she meets a handsome widower who makes her feel sexy for the first time in years. But when she foils a plot to steal her family’s adopted French Bulldog, and Muff Lauren’s Boston Terriers go missing in the middle of her Labor Day barbecue, it’s time for The Muffia to mobilize. With the assistance of a Palm Springs Magic Men Live! aficionado, a vengeful Pug owner and three Bichon Frises, the muffs set out to nab the nappers, and discover dog thieves come in surprising guises.

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When Evander Mór transports to an unknown desert planet, his mission changes. Instead of brokering a peace deal, he’ll figure out what backwater he’s landed on and enjoy a well-earned weekend off with a gorgeous scientist. But when things get hotter than a supernova between them, he discovers he only has eighteen hours to stop an AI bent on murder, convince Cass he’s more than fiction, and find a way to cross the gulf between galaxies to bring her home.

The Orange County Chapter of RWA gave this story The Charlotte Award for Emerging Writers in 2018, and author Anita Philmar says it “hits all the buttons to excite and thrill.”

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