Adventures in BigStock: Reading Gardens

BigStock reached out to us about featuring their portfolio in our entries, and we had so much fun exploring, we wanted to share some entertaining collections of images. There are some seriously talented photographers at work in stock imagery, too.

There’s also a lot of gold to be mined when it comes to stock photos. Every month, we’d love to share with you some great, beautiful, or downright silly things we’ve come across on BigStock.

This month’s theme: Reading Gardens

If you’re anything like me, you have horrible allergies in the spring. This post is for people who love to read, and might want to exist in nature, but the itchy eyes and runny nose mean we have to appreciate lush gardens and blooming flowers from afar.

Wooden bench and flowering plants in garden

Look at this adorable backyard garden! I want to see more of it; I see stairs. Where do they go? I foresee the bench getting a little uncomfortable after a half hour, but thankfully there are pillows. We just have to remember to bring them in when it rains. I don’t have the disposable income for replacement pillows.

Photo credit: Cycreation | BigStock

Beautiful English style garden with comfortable hammock on sunny day

There’s no graceful way to get into a hammock. Thankfully, there are trees and bushes to block your shame. There aren’t many flowers and only a couple trees, so allergies might be mild here. I also love the gazebo because I hate not being able to find some shade.

Photo credit: New Africa | BigStock

Cozy seat in beautiful backyard flower garden

What a little tropical paradise! The chair is very reminiscent of a throne and everyone deserves a reading throne. Bonus points for a table to hold all your snacks and drinks. However, I can just feel the humidity coming through my computer screen.

Photo credit: Lee Yiu Tung | BigStock

Keukenhof flower garden, also known as the Garden of Europe. One of the world's largest flower gardens. Lisse, the Netherlands.

Are you the go big or go home type? Well, there are nearly 80 acres of flowers and foliage at Keukenhof Park, known as the Garden of Europe, in the Netherlands. Surely, you can find a beautiful, prime reading spot that’s worth both the travel and ticket costs. But you better book your plane tickets now because it’s only open until May 19th.

Photo credit: F9Photos | BigStock

Do you love reading outside? Or are you more like me and prefer to live that “boy in the plastic bubble” life during springtime?

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