Cover Awe: Warm Colors, Eyepatches, & More

It’s our first Cover Awe in January! This is where we discuss beautiful covers we’ve seen and open up discussions on elements we like versus what doesn’t really work for us on book covers.

Playing Dirty by Taryn Leigh Taylor. A lean and muscled hockey player is standing on an ice rink. He's only wearing his lower pads and is shirtless. He has a scruffy beard and dark hair.

Amanda: I need to go a major career change so I can become the NHL commissioner and change the rules of hockey to allow for shirtless skating.

Elyse: Well hello, sir.

Sarah: Those blades are awful sharp. Says the mom.

Amanda: Well…the important bits are covered.

Sarah: I suppose you’re right. Nipples are probably not vital.

CarrieS: I just think he looks cold. But I like the use of red and gray.

Internment by Samira Ahmed. An illustration of a young Muslim woman. She's wearing a black ball cap that reads Resist. Her hair is covering most of her face. Below her image is a stone wall with barbed wire outlined in orange.

Amanda: I love all the nuances of this cover. The barbed wire that look like stripes. The hair covering the face.

Sarah: I love that the illustration is both vulnerable and powerful.

CarrieS: You had me at “Resist.”

Darkest Heart by Juliette Cross. The background of London is awash in blacks and reads. A man with a strong jawline and an eyepatch is front and center. He has a raven on his shoulder.

Amanda: Very relevant to our “silly” podcast episode where I professed my love for men in eyepatches. Probably because of all of my early anime watching.

What’s he keeping under that patch? A girl’s gotta know!

Sarah: I hope the crow is a talking crow. Unless that’s a raven?

CarrieS: Not my fave but I do like the bird.

The Marquess and the Maiden by Robyn DeHart. A blonde woman in a pink dress looks away from the reading. She's standing in the middle of a golden ballroom.

Elyse: I am really drawn to warm colors especially pinks, purples and gold. So this caught my eye immediately.

Amanda: I agree that it feels very warm and cozy.

Sarah: I’m terrible, but alas this does nothing for me. I’m sorry!

CarrieS: The colors made me actually gasp.

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