HaBO: British Heroine Whips American Sports Team Into Shape

This HaBO request is from Kat, who is searching for this sports romance:

I’m struggling to remember a contemporary romance novel featuring a British heroine.

Here’s where my memory fails me: I don’t remember if she was a sports agent or a public relations exec. She meets the hero as part of her job (to kind of ground/reprimand a sports team). They get into a reluctant friendship since she wants to avoid diatribes about her sleeping with the team or in order to ascend the career ladder. The hero does break down her walls, they sleep together, yada yada happy ending.

I’m sorry if this is quite vague–I don’t remember many pertinent details, especially the sports featured in the novel. I do remember it being set in the US.

Thanks again for all your help!

Brit heroine. Sports romance. U.S. soil.

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