HaBO: Hero Feels Responsible That His Brother Can’t Have Heirs

This HaBO comes from Kae, who is looking for this historical romance:

The book I’m trying to remember the title of is a Regency romance. A young woman works as a maid in a house and a visiting lord (duke? viscount?) visits and decides to make her his wife after almost sleeping with her. He mistreats her at first and avoids having sex with her, but his brother is very kind to her.

It turns out the brother is the lord of the manor, but he was in an accident and cannot have heirs. Her husband had been avoiding being with her because he felt he was to blame for the accident and didn’t want to create an heir that would take over the fortune.

If any of that rings a bell, I’d appreciate it! I think I read it during 2012 or so on an e-reader and it was most likely new at the time.

Sound familiar?

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