HaBO: Stable Boy Turned Corporate Raider

This HaBO request is from Becca. Content warning for the description below:

I’ve been looking for a book for several years. It was probably published in the 80s or 90s.

All I remember of the book was that there was a prologue where the rich teenage heroine was in love with this boy who lived and worked in the stables. All her friends were into him, and they had a pool going on who would have sex with him first. Then he leaves under a cloud of suspicion because it was believed he raped a member of the group.

Fast forward many years, and now he’s a rich corporate raider type gunning for the heroine’s business. Eventually, the whole story comes out about how he really slept with the mother of the person that claimed raped her (her mother put her up to claiming it to remove suspicion from herself), and the heroine realized he didn’t rape her friend because no one ever collected on the betting pool they had going on.

I really thought it was a Judith McNaught novel, but a search on GoodReads didn’t turn anything up that remotely was close.

I’m unsure if this is contemporary or historical. Also, yikes.

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